H-DCS combines the management of fieldbuses, instrumentation, intelligent connected devices, operato..
O5.4 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump  The O5 series rotary vane vacuum pump is a vacuum pump tha..
1L (A) (with handle)   Product Specification Filling Goods: Edible Oil, Sauce &am..
Truly a gift of nature, Spritzer Natural Mineral Water is extracted 420ft underground from pure and ..
 - Bathroom - Dining - Commercial - Space Saving - Compact - Elegant White..
text_tax RM178.00
Calls made clear Enjoy calls with a high-quality microphone and speaker that are optimised to mak..
text_tax RM99.00
Unlimited post implementation support with 24 HR response. All queries could be channelled to ..

RM300.00 - RM1,700.00

WHAT IS VERY EARLY WARNING SMOKE DETECTION? VESDA aspirating smoke detection solutions with continu..

RM10,000.00 - RM100,000.00

What can you gain ? Full remote working access ..

RM2,340.00 - RM2,340.00

Working remotely requires 2 elements for an efficient and productive day. The elements are the to..
Packing: 100 sheets per canister, 10 canisters per Box Sheet size: 15cm x 21cm Contain: Q..
text_tax RM17.99
Visiontec System Sdn Bhd (formerly known as PA Vision Sdn Bhd), an ISO9001 status company, is manage..

RM500.00 - RM500,000.00

Medical Surveillance   Our team of qualified and experienced personnel conducts various t..
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Vistage Webinar -11 July 20

Vistage Webinar -11 July 20

admin 24/06/2020 0
Vistage Webinar -11 July 20Speaker:  CRAIG RISPINBefore the COVID-19 lockdown there were hundreds of ultra successful remote only companies operating ...
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Vistage Webinar (English) - 9th June

Vistage Webinar (English) - 9th June

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Vistage Webinar (English) - 9th June, Tuesday (4.00 pm - 5.30 pm) Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Pero Micic, CEO, FutureManagementGroup AG...
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Vistage Asia Marketplace Training - 5th June

Vistage Asia Marketplace Training - 5th June

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Vistage Asia Marketplace Training Webinar will be held on 5th June 2020, at 3pm...
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Scientex Appreciation and Acknowledgement to Frontliners

Scientex Appreciation and Acknowledgement to Frontliners

admin 14/05/2020 0
  Mr Lim Peng Jin, Managing Director of Scientex Berhad is member of VCE-16 Source: Scientex...
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